6 Reasons to Go Fishing in Port Jefferson, NY

When the sun is out, fishing is a top activity for families and friends. Fishing trips out of Port Jefferson are especially perfect. The town is a magnet for people who love downtown areas, great restaurants and tons of things to do. And, when it comes to relaxing, Port Jeff NY fishing can’t be beat.

If you’re looking for a great day or weekend trip, or you live nearby, why not consider visiting the North Shore of Long Island—and don’t forget to take a few hours to enjoy a fishing boat ride. You’ll have your own fish stories to share when the trip is over.

The Gang’s All In!

Fishing is just a fun activity. Period. Whether you are a novice or a true fisherman (or woman), fishing in Port Jefferson is an excellent way for you and your family and friends to have a bonding experience out on the open water. The peace of the natural environment will relax all of you while enjoying each other’s company. Whether or not you catch anything, this time spent with those close to you is a memory not soon forgotten.

Location, Location, Location

Port Jefferson is home to several fantastic fishing locations, each with its unique characteristics. Celtic Quest Fishing offers its clients access to the best places including Rocky Point Beach, the Long Island Aquarium Marina, and Pidgeon Cove Park.

Reputation Counts

Long Island is known for being a great place to fish. There are various species swimming in the waters around Port Jefferson. Try your hand at the rod and reel and catch striped bass, bluefish, mackerel and plenty of other types of fish. You can book a half-day, full-day or charter trip with Celtic Quest and you’ll have the benefit of the full fishing experience (equipment and bait included) with the guidance of friendly, experienced captains.

A Sense of Community

People may come to Port Jefferson for fishing boat rentals but they stay for the shopping, dining, regularly scheduled community festivals and events held annually. Google the Port Jefferson Village Nature Walk and Salt Water Festival and you’ll quickly see how much fun it would be to take a trip to Port Jefferson, Long Island.

Unspoiled Environment

Long Island is the land of traffic—on the highways AND the waterways. There are plenty of fish in the sea for people who book day fishing trips with Celtic Quest in Port Jefferson. And, the scenery is simply gorgeous. When they say you should take time to “stop and smell the roses,” they are speaking of quaint towns like Port Jeff.
Plus, in today’s busy world, it can be easy to forget about the great outdoors. Fishing, however, is an excellent excuse for you and your friends and family to get out into nature together.

Local Attractions

After a day of fishing, visitors may want to explore more of what Port Jefferson has to offer beyond shopping and dining. There are many places nearby, including the Long Island Aquarium and Museum, which houses turtles and other sea creatures native to the region. This is a perfect activity for families with children!

If you are looking for a great idea for a day trip—whether you want to spend some time alone or be with family and/or friends—visiting CelticQuestFishing.com should be your very first item on your “to do” list. You can also hold special occasions on the boats or schedule a charter trip for your organization, family reunion, friends’ group or business gathering.

Welcome aboard Celtic Quest! We’ll help you discover Port Jefferson NY the way it’s meant to be enjoyed!

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