6 Reasons Why You Should Be Fishing with Celtic Quest, Port Jefferson, NY

Looking for something to do with the family on Long Island? How about getting the work gang together for a team building exercise?

Celtic Quest Fishing in Port Jefferson, NY, offers exciting day fishing trips for families,  friends, businesses and is even happy to host celebrations such as weddings or family reunions. 

Further a day fishing with Celtic Quest on the gorgeous Long Island Sound is a great way to get away from it all by yourself. 

Celtic Quest supplies the fishing equipment, bait and plenty of instruction so newbies and anglers alike can just hop aboard at the marina in Port Jeff and enjoy a blissful day on the open water. 

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6 Reasons Why You Should Be Fishing!

  1. Relax and let go of stress! We all have stress; some of us handle it better than others. When you go on a fishing day trip with Long Island’s Celtic Quest, you can leave your worries on the dock in Port Jefferson and enjoy a delightful day on the open water. 
  2. Embrace nature! When was the last time you spent a few hours just appreciating nature? Fishing is perfect for people who enjoy quiet time as well as those who get bored easily. Celtic Quest’s friendly crew is ready to not only teach you about fishing but also will gladly share information about the beauty of nature while you are fishing on the Long Island Sound off the North Shore.
  3. Learn something new! Whether you have been fishing for years or have never cast a line, a Celtic Quest Fishing trip will provide you with new information. There’s always something to learn—whether you think you know it all about the rod and reel or are curious about catching fish. 
  4. Get outside! Bright sunshine, the sounds of birds…you won’t find nature in your living room sitting in front of the TV. A Port Jefferson, Long Island fishing trip will provide new surroundings and let you catch some rays. Enjoy nature with Celtic Quest Fishing.
  5. Enjoy success! There are no guarantees you’ll catch something during your Celtic Quest Fishing trip. However, if the fish are biting you may be able to feel what it is like to reel in the “Big One!” Imagine the satisfaction you’ll feel when you get to tell your fish story to others!
  6. Bond with others! From the moment you board your Celtic Quest Fishing trip at the Port Jefferson, NY marina, you’ll feel the comradery with your family or coworkers, the crew and any other passengers. You are all in this together! You’ll cheer each other on and make memories that will last forever!

Celtic Quest Fishing can’t wait to welcome you aboard! 

Contact us at CelticQuestFishing.com to learn about our day trips, charter packages and more!

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