7 of the Best Fishing Spots on Long Island

Long Island is a beautiful place to visit, but it’s also a great place to come home to. The island has some of the best fishing spots in the country, and we’re going to tell you about 7 of them.

Long Island is home to a variety of fishing spots and opportunities. Whether you want to go deep sea fishing in Montauk or go freshwater fly fishing in Lake Ronkonkoma, you’ll find plenty of options that offer something for everyone.

This guide will help you find the perfect spot for your next trip, whether you’re looking for something that’s close to home or something a little more adventurous.

What Kind of Fish Are Available to Catch on Long Island?

You need to know where the fish are biting before deciding where to go fishing next. Despite its brutal winters, Long Island is a year-round fishing destination where you can always catch something. If you’re seeking to load the coolers inshore or make a record-breaking catch offshore, you’ll find what you’re searching for.

Have a look at our list of recommended Long Island prey species:

  • Striped bass
  • Bluefish
  • Fluke (summer flounder)
  • Black sea bass
  • Porgy (scup)
  • Tuna
  • Cod
  • Tautog (blackfish)
  • Weakfish

Top 7 Fishing Spots on New York’s Long Island

Fishing is a fun hobby that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels. Long Island is known for its fishing spots, and it’s no surprise. The island has a long history of being a prime location for anglers who want to catch their next meal. If you are looking for some great places to go fishing on Long Island, New York, then this list is just what you need.

1. Port Jefferson Harbor, NY

Port Jefferson Harbor is a fantastic fishing spot on Long Island’s North Shore, offering anglers a chance to catch a variety of fish including striped bass, bluefish, porgies, snappers, and sometimes even flounder and fluke. As one of the largest harbors in the area, it provides excellent protection from the wind, making it a great choice for fishing in most weather conditions. Additionally, Port Jefferson is a historic port known for its boat building, and the village is full of art, diverse cuisine, shopping, and beautiful parks.

Nestled in this historic port town, you’ll find an abundance of party boats and charters, each with its unique charm and specialties. Among the most renowned and sought-after is the illustrious Celtic Quest Fishing, revered by anglers and locals alike for providing an unparalleled fishing experience on the waters of Long Island.

Fishing in this location is a unique experience, with the bonus of being able to enjoy a delicious meal at one of the many restaurants near the harbor.

2. Fire Island Inlet

Fire Island, a well-known and popular fishing destination on Long Island, is an absolute must. Just around two miles separate the world-famous Fire Island lighthouse and the beautiful Fire Island Reef. These salt waters are home to a diverse population of fish because of their expansiveness, and there is sufficient room for you to venture out into the water and explore them. The flounder, striped bass, and porgies that are caught here are some of the most well-known in the world.

3. Lake Ronkonkoma

Lake Ronkonkoma is the largest and most well-known of Long Island’s freshwater lakes. It was created by glaciers that melted thousands of years ago. The majority of the lake has a depth of fewer than 15 feet, although certain areas of its uneven basin are extremely deep for Long Island.

Off Victory Road, on the western side of the lake, there is a parking space for anglers and a concrete boat ramp that are both maintained by the DEC. This location’s boat launch and fishing pier are always available for use.

Because there is rarely enough dissolved oxygen to maintain fish beyond this depth in Lake Ronkonkoma, it is generally not productive to fish deeper than 15 feet in the lake. This is because there are fewer fish to catch. The largemouth bass and the smallmouth bass are considered to be the most important gamefish. There is large bass in Lake Ronkonkoma, but it can be difficult to find them because there is not a lot of natural structure in the lake to attract them. To improve the quality of the habitat, stumps have been placed in the lake. The chain pickerel is an exceptionally uncommon fish.

4. Robert Moses State Park

Located to the south-southwest of Fire Island, Robert Moses State Park features a 4.5-mile stretch of beachfront on the Atlantic Ocean. You may go out on the water in a boat or fish from one of the many piers in the area. Connecting to Fire Island, this location is ideal for surf fishing for Fluke and Bluefish. You can also catch crabs here. You may take a break from fishing at any time and enjoy a round of golf on the nearby course.

5. Montauk Point State Park

You can’t talk about the greatest fishing on Long Island without mentioning Montauk. It provides access to the Atlantic Ocean, as well as the Block Island and Long Island Sounds, two of the island’s prime fishing spots. Montauk Point State Park is a popular destination for anglers, known for its exceptional surf fishing. Located at the easternmost tip of Long Island, the park offers access to miles of pristine beaches, where you can catch striped bass, bluefish, and fluke.

6. Jones Beach

Jones Beach is home to a wide variety of fishing options, including surf fishing, pier fishing, and guided fishing trips. If you’re interested in continuing or beginning your fishing expedition after dark, you can apply for and receive a special Night Fishing Permit. The seas around here are teeming with fish species including flounder, sea bass, porgy, fluke, weakfish, and blackfish.

7. Shinnecock Bay

The Great Peconic Bay and Shinnecock Bay are joined by Shinnecock Canal to the north. To the west of Shinnecock Bay lies the Quogue Canal, which leads to Moriches Bay. There are approximately nine thousand acres of water in Shinnecock Bay. There are tidal flats, salt marshes, dredged debris, and open water all within Shinnecock Bay.

Shinnecock Bay is home to some of the finest fishing in the Hamptons. Go out on the bay or use the canal that connects the north and south sides. You may fish from the pier, the surf, or with a charter.

A Word in The End

Long Island is a great place for fishing, and if you’re looking for some of the best spots on this beautiful island, you’ve come to the right place. The seven spots we’ve featured here are just a few of the many wonderful fishing opportunities that Long Island has to offer.

In conclusion, Long Island, NY offers some of the best fishing spots in the region, with a variety of freshwater and saltwater fishing opportunities for both families and experienced anglers. With the help of a fishing charter boat like Celtic Quest, you can explore these spots and catch some amazing fish while enjoying the scenic beauty of the Long Island coastline. So, whether you’re looking for a fun family outing or a serious fishing adventure, Long Island is worth considering as your next fishing destination.

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