7 Reasons to Say YES to Fishing with Celtic Quest

“What do you want to do this weekend?”

“I don’t know, what do you want to do?”

Sound familiar? It’s the kind of conversation that all families (couples or friends) have every once in a while when everyone wants to go out and engage in some new activity, but no one has any idea about what to do.

Celtic Quest Fishing is happy to offer you the perfect idea for a great outing that’s sure to keep you smiling all day long! Plus, you’ll leave with photos galore and memories that will last a lifetime! (And possibly dinner, as well!)

Not only is fishing fun, but it’s a great way to get closer to loved ones. At Celtic Quest, we provide all the supplies: rods, reels, bait and  instructions! We welcome newbies and experienced anglers and our friendly staff is ready to show you the ropes.

Plus, there’s plenty to do before and after you board your Celtic Quest Fishing boat for a fun day trip out on the Long Island Sound. Port Jefferson, our home marina, offers quaint shopping and plenty of delectable restaurants to help you start and/or end your day in style!

7 Reasons to Book a Day Trip to Fish with Celtic Quest Fishing

1. It’s great therapy! If you are human, you have stress. Work, being busy, activities–it’s a lot to manage! Fishing offers a sense of calm. The sun glistens off the watery waves and lulls you into a mesmerizing trance. The motion of the Long Island Sound gently rocks you into a feeling of calm.

Relax! You are with friends and very experienced crew mates when you book a Celtic Quest Fishing trip. Like they say: “Every little thing is gonna be alright…”

2. Fishing is Easy! Worried you won’t be able to get the hang of it? On a Celtic Quest Day trip, there is absolutely no reason to worry. You’ll find out how to bait a hook, cast a line and learn some patience as you wait for any movement. Sit back and listen to the waves or chat with family and friends. Leave technology and the world behind. It will all be waiting for you when we return to port.

3. Get Moving! OK, so we said fishing is an easy sport. That’s true. There’s no running and usually not a lot of sweating involved in a Celtic Quest Fishing trip. However, fishing is far more physical than watching a movie on the couch, right? lol

4. Unplug and Learn a Thing or Two! We all learn things online everyday. But how often can you say you learn about the Long Island Sound fishing history, get to see water animals and beautiful plants in person? Plus, you’ll meet new people and get to learn about them, as well.

Fishing is especially educational for children because they will use completely different skills than usual playing video games or watching TikTok videos. Plus, fishing is a great family activity where you’ll all learn and spend QUALITY time together!

5. “We’re All in This Together!” How about a little bonding time with friends and family? When you are out on a Celtic Quest boat it’s all for one, one for all! Away from everyday distractions, you and your family/friends will be able to enjoy quality time together. Any day fishing is a day you’ll remember forever!

6. It’s so much FUN! When was the last time you did something just to have fun? There is simply too much to get done each day and we rarely have time to engage in good old fun. (Activities that don’t involve technology!)

7. Dinner anyone? Celtic Quest makes no promises of if or how many fish you will catch. However, we do know that the vast majority of our guests leave with a catch that can easily become a delicious meal! They crew will be happy to fillet or handle them anyway you would like. Be sure to bring a cooler so you can ice your fish and go out to dinner here in the quaint and wonderful Port Jeff!

At Celtic Quest, we can’t wait to welcome you aboard one of our beautiful fishing charter boats. Visit celticquestfishing.com, call 631-928-3926 or email Office@CQFleet.com to find out more about scheduling your trip.

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