Celtic Quest Fishing Offers the Perfect Team Building Activity

Corporate team building is an important part of any Human Resources strategy to strengthen leadership, organization and to encourage employees to work together for ultimate success.

However, thanks to remote working situations these days, more companies are looking for ways to get together and build team spirit!

May we suggest a corporate fishing charter aboard a Celtic Quest Fishing boat?

We will help you take team building to a new level–and views of the open waters of Long Island Sound off of beautiful Port Jefferson, NY, will help get everyone prepared for a great time. In fact, including fishing into your next team building activity makes it all fun (and little work!)

Some housekeeping notes: Celtic Quest welcomes responsible drinking and you are welcome to bring food aboard. We are happy to help with catering options, as well. Just call (631) 928-3926 to learn more about corporate fishing charters.

Additionally, at Celtic Quest, our first priority is safety. The floors of the boat get wet and slippery. Leave fancy shoes at home. Bring sunscreen and dress for fishing–not dancing! (Although, if the music moves you…dance!)

We sail rain or shine but if the weather is really bad, we will cancel to ensure everyone’s safety. If you’ve booked a corporate fishing charter and we have to cancel the trip because of weather (very high winds, for example), no worries! We will refund your money or reschedule the trip–your choice! Most cancellations only occur due to high winds or severe weather. 

The Ties that Bind

At Celtic Quest, we take all the hassle out of planning a fishing trip by supplying rods, reels, bait and experienced mates who will teach newbies, remind experienced anglers and help make the entire corporate charter trip one for the memory books!

Team building is all about encouraging and strengthening the bonds between coworkers. It’s about morale building but also figuring out how to improve the team’s ability to get the job done–regardless of what your level of expertise might be.

Additionally, fishing is a great activity for team building because there is no distinction between management and employees during a Celtic Quest fishing trip. The fish don’t know your title or how long you’ve worked for a company!


Culture is a big word these days in Human Resources circles. Experienced recruiters and talent managers know that every company has a culture and it lives and dies by the team’s commitment to it. Out on a Celtic Quest fishing charter, the culture is FUN! There will be plenty of laughing, maybe some fishing splashing and many ways to encourage team building and improved morale.

Fishing is also a great way to welcome new employees into the fold. Everyone will get to know each other outside of the office where there is plenty of time to engage as friends.


One of the main points of team building is to improve communication. If you are working in teams to catch fish (watching each other’s lines, for example) it’s all eyes on the task at hand!

Remember, there’s nowhere to run and hide on a Celtic Quest Fishing boat. As we wave goodbye to the Port Jefferson Marina and set out for adventure on the beautiful Long Island Sound, you’ll be in close proximity to your coworkers. Get settled and get to know each other better through common goals out of the office.

This is a great way to build rapport with team members and also relax and have fun!

You are working toward a common goal: to catch fish! Share your skills and your fish tales! Celtic Quest teammates will be happy to share plenty of stories, offer fishing advice and point out items of interest during your charter trip.

Landlubber News

Port Jefferson Long Island offers a quaint area of shops and plenty of restaurants to enjoy before or after you board your Celtic Quest Fishing charter. We are proud to have Port Jefferson as our homebase and we encourage you to visit soon.

What are you waiting for? Visit Celtic Quest Fishing now to book your next corporate event. We can’t wait to welcome you aboard!

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