Make Forever Memories on a Celtic Quest Fishing Trip from Port Jefferson, NY

It’s been a rough couple of years and we are so excited to be back out on the Long Island Sound! Celtic Quest invites you to come aboard and make memories on the water with your friends and family!

After a long and memorable life, no one ever says “I wish I spent more time at work.” Take the time, now, to make memories with your loved ones. In fact, we promise that after you’ve taken a fishing trip on one Celtic Quest’s beautiful boats off of Long Island’s North Shore, you’ll be counting the moments until you can come back for another day trip and make more memories.

Celtic Quest’s boats are docked in Port Jefferson, Long Island, NY. The quaint village of Port Jeff is wonderful to visit as there are many shops to browse and restaurants to fill your belly!

But, when it’s time to leave dry land and go off on your fishing adventure, you’ll quickly fall in love with the lapping waters of the Long Island Sound, the sounds of the birds and the bright blue sky above.

Just Bring Yourself–And Your Sense of Adventure!

Experienced anglers and fishing newbies alike are welcome aboard Celtic Quest’s day trips. Our friendly captain and crew will guide you through your trip beginning with safety instructions, then offering explanations on how to bait a hook, cast a line and enjoy the salt air while you wait for a tug on your fishing pole.

Additionally, your Celtic Quest Fishing trip includes fishing pole and bait. You really don’t have to bring anything but your favorite beverage and snacks.

And, Talk about Fish Stories!

Many refer to the “fish stories” told after a day of fishing fun. At Celtic Quest, we hope you see plenty of action yourself and have plenty to talk about so you don’t actually have to make up fish stories. (If you do have to tell a fish tale, we won’t tell!)

Of course, we hope your fishing story includes the catch of the day–or two! No guarantees though! Celtic Quest will take you to the best spots but we can’t make the fish bite!

We agree: fishing is always better when you catch fish! If you bring your children aboard a Celtic Quest fishing trip, they will be eager to reel in “a big one

Whether you come alone, bring your family or invite a larger group, such as work colleagues or guests to celebrate an occasion, planning for the big fishing trip is a great way to get everyone excited. When you book for Celtic Quest trip, be sure to ask what type of fish you may be lucky enough to catch. Then, you can research those types of fish and bring your newly gained knowledge aboard!

Capture All the Best Moments of the Day!

These days, we all walk around with a phone in our pockets! When you are out on a Celtic Quest Fishing adventure, TAKE PHOTOS!! Things can happen very quickly and you want to be sure to capture the “look” when someone is reeling in a catch.

While our crew members have plenty to share and will be happy to help you make the very best memories by sharing tales of fishing days gone by, Celtic Quest is ready to help you write your own family fishing story. Between photos on your phone and snapshots of the day in your mind, you’ll disembark filled with memories to recount again and again.

And, whether it’s a good day fishing or not, what happens out on the open water, especially when you are with family members or friends, are the days you will remember long into the future.

Book your trip now or ask your questions! Visit or call 631-928-3926. We can’t wait to meet you!

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