Why is Long Island a Great Place to Go Fishing?

With an amazing several hundred miles of shoreline, Long Island has become a favourite hotspot for boating and fishing. With varied options to choose from, such as hiring private charters to fishing off the shoreline or just driving to several of the great piers and fishing there, or simply going to the beach and surfcasting, Long Island has so much to offer to enthusiastic anglers who can drop a line to catch some fish. Experienced fishermen are known to hide their favourite fishing spots but Long Island has such a wide variety of locations that it is not difficult to find one that inspires you the most. So whether you are fishing because you love the sport, or you want to catch fish for some delicious dinner, or you are simply wanting to spend some leisure time with family, Long Island has everything you could ever need.

The reason why fishing enthusiasts flock to Long Island is simple and that is because it has some of the most amazing places to fish. Below we have compiled a guide which can help you check out the best fishing spots.  

1) Port Jefferson (Our personal favourite!)– Port Jefferson is not just a place with a history of shipbuilding but is also exceptionally popular for some great fish. If you head into Port Jefferson Harbor, you are likely to find the same fish that you would get in Long Island Sound. The harbor takes you all around Strongs Neck to Conscience Bay, where you would find many good spots around the main harbor, going up to the north-eastern direction. Once you are in and out of the harbor, you’ll surely have a great time exploring the length and breadth of the Long Island Sound to find fish such as fluke, porgy, striped bass, blue fish, black fish as well as other varieties depending on the season. To fish out of Port Jeff just click here: https://celticquestfishing.com/schedule/

2) Captree State Park – Popular for its fleet of charter boats that take enthusiastic anglers to fish in the open waters of the Great South Bay or Atlantic Ocean, the Captree State Park is known to be home to a wide variety of fish. Along with this, the bait and tackle shop at the park has won various awards because of it being a popular fishing destination.

3) Cedar Beach Fishing Pier Area – This fishing pier provides direct access to the Long Island Sound on the North Shore and there are abundant fish waiting to be caught. This is surely a must visit spot for enthusiastic anglers and is one of the most popular spots on Long Island.

4) Green Island Fishing Pier – Providing access to the entire uninhabited Green Island and to the surrounding waters, this pier is located at the Northern side of the third bridge on the Southbound side of the Wantagh State Parkway just north of Jones Beach. The Green Island Fishing Pier is well stocked with fish and is quite a favorite among anglers, looking for good destinations for this much sought after activity.

5) Jones Beach State Park Field 10 – This is one of the largest parks in the state and the most visited one too because of many exciting features. Known for concerts at the amphitheatre, in season many people also visit the Field 10 Fishing Pier, less than a mile from Jones Inlet because of the many species of fish this attracts.

6) Magnolia Pier – Similar to Jones Beach, visitors go towards the ocean front board situated just outside the city, alongside the recreation center lies an L-shaped municipal fishing pier located where Reynolds Channel meets Broad Channel. This fishing pier offers free parking and is quite a hotspot on Long Island.

7) Oak Beach Park – Due to its close proximity to the meeting of the ocean and the bay, this is quite a popular hotspot among people looking for some notable fishing activity. Oak Beach Park promises some amazing views because it directly overlooks Fire Island Inlet.

8) Robert Moses State Park – Located directly opposite Oak Beach Park, Robert Moses State Park can be found on the Westernmost tip of Fire Island. This park boasts of several popular fishing piers which are well stocked. To get to the pier, you would need to park at Field 3 and walk through the pedestrian tunnel to the bay side.

9) Town Dock Park – Are you wondering whether the fishing action on Long Island is only confined to the Southern Shore? Don’t sit there just wondering because there is a wonderful pier jutting out into Manhasset Bay where anglers can catch the same fish that they get on the opposite shore.

Long Island is a favorite hotspot for anglers who want to take a charter out like Celtic Quest but  there is a wide array of fishing piers and beaches to keep you busy throughout all of Long Island.

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